Drink tea. Read books. Be cozy. Add in writing books, eating chocolate, and exploring the beautiful mountains, rivers, oceans, and forests of this world with my two kids, husband, and two golden retrievers, and you pretty much have my life philosophy. One of my greatest passions is bringing the wonders of the imagination to life. This could mean re-enacting my childhood daydreams through elaborate make-believe play with my kids. It could mean flexing my librarian skills to put on an immersive library program full of activities and decorations that bring kids and teens' favourite literary and cinematic worlds to life. But always, and above all else, it has meant using words to paint a picture of the stories in my head. Bringing to life the characters who crowd my mind, giving voice to my musings and observations about life, and building lush worlds that spark a reader's imagination. In 2023, I started Storms & Starscapes Publishing to release my debut historical fantasy novel, A Spark From Embers. It is the first installment of my planned four-book series, Tears of Flame. I consider the Tears of Flame series to be a crossover between Adult and Upper YA.

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